Weigh In No.1

The time has come to admit that M.E. has had a greater effect on my physical health then I have allowed myself to realise. Most are well aware of the fatigue as well as the digestive and mobility issues, to put it lightly, but drastic changes have also occurred to my waistline...what am I saying, it has by no means been localised to my waist line! In the last 18 months there has been a steady increase of around 3 stone. Now I am not stating that I solely judge my health and wellbeing in inches but I do feel that it is yet another reason I have trouble recognising the girl in the mirror, one more step away from the 'Anni that was', to the 'Anni that is'.

I have struggled to come to terms with putting these up, as once something is out there, there is no denying it...nonetheless, I stepped on the scales for the first time in several months and here are the stats:

Height            6ft 0.5in      72.5in                  Or in metric      184cm
Weight           14st 2lbs     198.4lbs                                        89.9kg
BMI                    26.5
Fat %                  38.9
Muscle %            26.0

This shows that I am now classified as overweight. My whole life I have been long and lean. When I danced I was about 138lbs and had the body fat and muscle of an athlete. Even when working, I was at the lower end of the scale at 150-155lbs. Then WHAM, scale covered in less than 2 years.

Healthy me with my brother
M.E. me, on a good day, with my brother and his girlfriend (only 1 year later)
It should be no surprise. In order to be able to complete the smallest of energy expenditures, it became essential to dose up on sugar and/or caffeine. Combine that with the plethora of bulking prescription pills I was on (like steroids and antidepressants) and an inability to move much, let alone 'exercise' like I used to (body combat, spin, yoga...you name it), and it is a clear recipe for weight gain.

I see a big difference in my chubby chops. Part swollen glands, part inflammation, mostly chub
My jawline used to be more defined & I would notice my smile more. Even with no make up, I prefer this healthy picture!
So I see how I got into this situation...but how do I get out? I am still suffering from the constraints of fibromyalgia and I am well aware that cardio is a key component in a lot of relapse cases. How do you lose the fat self and regain the fit self when you have M.E.? That is what I shall be trying to discover! It starts here, it is as good a day as any.

My aim is to feel happy, healthy and confident in this little dress again (once it fits...)
I will do my best to document food and fitness plans undertaken on my journey so that any one else can follow or try but please do remember that this illness affects people in different ways. What works without repercussions for one, may not work as well for another. Judge how you feel and stop if necessary!


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