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Since I first took my 8 week old Shiba Inu puppy out, back in May, I have been asked if I have a fox. With his red coat, white face, black tipped tail and wild little ways it was something I could understand. Now we are a couple more months down the line, and he has grown into a slightly more dog-like body, but I still do hear children saying 'that lady has a fox mummy' or people asking if I am a vet...?! As I clearly look like the type who would take my ward out to the pub with me...

Nonetheless, something strange has started happening. Every gift I have received in the last couple of months has had a theme. Yep, you guessed it; foxes. Weirder still, I think I am starting to like it! I am not sure if it is simply that I am now switched on to foxy paraphernalia, or if it has always been a common theme, but there sure does seem to be a foxy revolution going on right now.

First off there was my mug. I love my new mug. I had this other mug that saw me through 6 years: first day at uni, 2 flats, 2 jobs and a move home. When a family member used it and left it precariously placed on an edge, not naming names but you know who you are cheeky, it inevitably got knocked to the floor. Happy to draw a line under the past, I did not apportion any blame on the condition that a replacement was found. (I know, I know, the guilt trip isn't very yogic. I promise I would feel bad if it hadn't gotten me this beauty). My mother nipped to Emma Bridgewater and got me the 'red fox' mug.

Next my Aunt visited us from the States over the Summer and, after one of many shopping trips, she came home to present me with this foxy face scarf by Hem and Edge.

Just perfect to go with my Barbour jacket! She saw it and thought it was of a Shiba at first, as they are so similar.

As my little man is the closest to a grandchild my mother will be getting anytime soon, it is safe to say she is smitten. This foxy bug is proving pretty darn contagious and Ms. Bridgewater yet again came up trumps with this adorable 'fox and owl' tin tray. Grandmama (as she is now affectionately known) could not resist.

Imagine my surprise when my weekly ASOS window shop also brought out many pieces to meet my foxy fix. How fun is this onesie!

If I wasn't too tall for it (at 6ft the legs never go far past my knees) I would have bought it instantly. These gloves on the other hand are firmly on my Christmas wish list. Perfect little stocking filler methinks.
On a more serious note, this jumper looks so like my Beau how could I not fall in love with it.

ASOS is not alone, John Lewis also hosts quite a range.

This mug instantly made me think of a photo I took of my little man in the garden.

There always seems to be an Alex Monroe necklace I would like to receive as a pressie and this necklace is no exception.

Whilst this cushion from notonthehighstreet reminded me of how my puppy curls up to sleep.

Look at how sweet he looked whilst napping.

I actually laughed out loud when I saw this picture.

It is like the artist watched Beau and his best friend Bella, a chocolate lab, playing. I have a video (that I will try to upload soon as I need to learn how first) showing my cheeky monkey leaping over Bella in an attempt to get her away from her tennis ball and playing too.

As a pup I can see the strong resemblance to a wild cub...but now, as I am biased in thinking he is the best looking dog out there, I am a little less sure of the similarity.

He may still have the red and white face of a little fox, but the curly tail and muscular form is closer to other spitz breeds like a Husky or Akita.

His friend however, who is a true red and not a red sesame, could still possibly be mistaken. Would you guess he is 15 years old!

Nonetheless, the bug has bitten and I am happily converting to being a keen foxy lady shopper.

Beau is always happy, look at that smile.
So is it just me finding these items because I am looking, or is there an exceptionally large amount of British wild life based products (like squirrels, badgers and owls too) out there at the moment? And most importantly, have I missed anything essential to add to my christmas stocking list???


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