It doesn't get much better in life then being surrounded by friends, family, food and fizz. With the turning of the leaves comes the time of year to start getting everyone around for a hearty feed, so on Saturday that is just what we did. My parents invited long term family friends, B and R, over with a further 2 generations of their brood. Table set, we were good to go!

It felt particularly special as my little brother came home from Uni and I was there with my pup. It was a long awaited reunion for the two of them that involved many cuddles and mad shiba 500's.

We all know the best of gatherings include a table full of food (check), good company (check) and a rather good array of drinkies (oh boy do we have a check). We came over all seasonal and opted for some, rather alcoholic, cider or a good glug of Beaujolais to go with the joint of brown sugar and clove ham.

The Henry Weston 2012 Vintage was a particular success!

Now it wasn't any entirely lush affair as we had two of the cutest little fellows at the table.

I can assure you it is just apple juice in these glasses!

They were very good for sitting at the table for as long as they did, so after a large portion of one of the best carrots cakes ever made, it was toy time.

I don't know who the bigger kids were, as "Scooby Doobie" was watched by one generation more than others.

It truly was a wonderful day that made me feel full of joy for the change of season; with the coming of Autumn comes the prep for Winter and many more reasons to feast!


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