Traces of You - For Now I Am Winter

Last night I went out for one of the most memorable of evenings at, before you ask, I was not getting a Wednesday night fix of D&B. Instead, Fabric was playing host to a rather novel idea from the German Club Scene called Yellow Lounge.

Yellow Lounge is about bringing classical music up to date and to the masses in contemporary settings (forget concert halls and think underground clubs with casual dress code). I believe the previous night they did in London was in the Old Vic Tunnels, Waterloo. Anywho, last night was classical sounds from Iceland and India in the form of Olafur Analds (Broadchurch soundtrack fame) and the amazing Anoushka Shankar, who is the reason I found the event and purchased my ticket.

If you have not heard of the 2 time Grammy nominated Anoushka, well, you are not alone. Everyone I mentioned my mid week outing to responded with a quizzical look that told me they had not been fully educated in the sounds and heritage of this magical artist. So let me have a crack at it; Anoushka's father was Ravi Shankar, one of the most world renown contemporary Indian musicians, who was well known for both his sitar skills and his friendship with George Harrison (yes, the Beatles one). Anoushka also has a well recognised half-sister on this paternal side, who has collaborated with her on several albums, Norah Jones. Anoushka's latest album, Traces of You, has 3 songs with her sister's vocals and the whole thing has been produced by london based British-Indian producer Nitin Sawhney (normally known for fusing Eastern influences with electronica).

The set was everything I expected and more. I apologise for the quality of some of the pictures but I was in a club full of people and couldn't always get my camera out, so had to use my phone. The crowd near me on the second floor were nice enough to let me wiggle through and get a couple of pictures of her in action nearer the end though.

There were about 5/6 other musicians accompanying her on stage but my favourite song was her encore. Just her and her brother came back out and it was a perfect way to end the night.

I could not finish this post without a special mention to Olafur Arnauds. I had only listened to one or two youtube videos before going and his set blew me away. Every single person in the room was silent whilst he performed and there is such a haunting beauty to his music that draws you in, then leaves you to roam in a dream world. I did not watch Broadchurch but there were enough people in the queue talking about his score for it, that I can gather his music had a powerful effect in the drama. I am so peeved with myself that I was not able to get a clear picture but it was just too busy. A sneak behind the tech guys enabled me to snap this one whilst he was talking to the audience. However, the rather big bouncer reminded me to move back just as I was clicking, resulting in the blur.

If he was playing in London again anytime soon I would not hesitate to buy tickets. To think that if he had not been on first, I may not have heard him. The song that stayed with me is Old Skin. The vocals by Arnor Dan on it are just perfect and I can't believe he was there to sing live too. Anytime I hear the track I shall be transported to that moment in time.

In all, a night out, that can't easily be repeated. For £10 a ticket...

I will be eagerly awaiting the next Yellow Lounge London event.


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